Letter Connector

Category: Games
Released: Jul 17, 2008
Price: $4.99

Tired of sitting idly by while your brain slowly turns to a lump of useless mush? Give it some exercise with Letter Connector! The object of Letter Connector is to form 15 words by using a series of adjacent letters. Start each word by touching any letter in the 6×6 grid. Each additional letter, however, must be adjacent to the previous letter. Selected letters will be highlighted. The last letter selected will be displayed the most prominently. You can also touch the last letter selected again to deselect it. Touch the ENTER button after a word has been formed. The letters used will then be replaced with new letters. You can also touch CLEAR to deselect the currently selected letters. Higher scores can be achieved by forming longer words and by using higher value letters. The first number shown after the score is the current word score. The second number is the current game score. Letter Connector also tracks the best scores and includes optional sound effects.

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