iSlsk has been updated to v0.3

* The long-awaited alphabetical sorting bug fix. No more artist/song/album crazy-letter-jump in your music player, and if you currently have it all messed up, it will be fixed automatically the next time you import a song.
* Fixed major problems when trying to import a song with no tag information (blank title, artist and/or album)
* Automatic backup/restore of your music database -just in case iSlsk import doesn’t work as expected (no, your music files doesn’t get copied twice, only the database file)
* “What’s new” screen with latest information about iSlsk and other current/future projects
* “Already donated” button, to enable anyone who donated to get rid of of that annoying message 🙂
* Automatic update message alert to tell the user when a new version is available
* Improved thread synchronization for better stability. In other words, much less random crashes!
* Added a spinner animation on statusbar to indicate activity while searching for files
* Other minor bugfixes

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