Earthscape nun kostenlos erhältlich

Kaum ist Google Earth im AppStore kostenlos verfügbar, wurde auch die Applikation Earthscape kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt.

See what is happening around the world right now! (Or our “Best Of” collection) Download Earthscape for your iPhone and start adding your pictures today.

Earthscape is the world’s first virtual globe application for mobile devices — available now for the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch.

Our World is Your World. You build it by taking photos — and with hundreds of thousands of users, there are plenty of pictures — of waterfalls and beautiful cities, nightclubs and soccer matches, new friends and political rallys. And this is just the start of where we are going to take this — together, we will build the most current and comprehensive model of our world — and provide a new and better way connect people with each other and the places they care about. Join us today by downloading Earthscape!

he planet we live on isn’t flat — from the breathtaking mountain ranges of America’s Glacier National Park, to Australia’s great barrier reef; from the Death Valley desert to meteor impact craters around the globe, Earthscape presents our planet as it was meant to be seen — in full 3D.

The entire United States can be viewed in detail, usually comparable or slightly better than current desktop solutions. Imagery outside of the United States is currently limited to 15 meter resolution — enough to discern major roads, but not houses. As we acquire the rights to use more detailed international imagery, it will be provided to Earthscape users as a free upgrade.


Kategorie: Fotografie
Erschienen: 12. August 2008
Verkäufer: Churchill Navigation
Version: 1.2.0
Größe: 9.0 MB
Preis: kostenlos
Link: hier klicken (KEIN Werbelink 😉 )



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