iPhone zur drahtlosen, externen Festplatte machen.

The iPhone and iPod Touch keep your media close, but what about the rest of your data? DataCase keeps your files close by turning your iPhone or iPod Touch into a hand held wireless drive. Keep your data with you wherever you go and access it when and where you need, on any available computer (Mac, PC, Linux), no upload program or server configuration necessary.

Uploader apps are limiting and server configurations are painful. That’s why DataCase works directly with Finder and Bonjour to make saving files to your iPhone easy. Start DataCase and your Mac already knows that it’s there. Drag and drop files just like it was another hard drive. File transfer made easy: just drag and drop.

No computer available? Why not view your files on your iPhone! DataCase makes it easy to view your Documents, Audio, Video, and Photos. Sneak a peak at your Powerpoint Document, Re-Read your Word Document, Review that PDF, Check your Excel spreadsheet. View your files, no computer necessary.


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